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Lime Class News


27th November 2020 

This week the children in Lime Class have been doing lots of Science investigations linked to fairy tales. They built bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff using cardboard tubes, paper, lolly sticks and masking tape. It was wonderful listening to their conversations about how to make their bridges wider and stronger. For our actual Science Day on Tuesday, the children had fun building the Giant’s castle through the clouds [Jack and the Beanstalk] using Lego bricks and shaving foam. They thought of different words to describe the different textures. “This is fluffy like a cloud.” “It feels gooey and soft.” “The foam has melted in my hand and it has disappeared!” The children also enjoyed building a tower for Rapunzel out of playdough and pasta. It was amazing to see how they persevered with their structures. There were so many different tower designs.

In Maths, the children are working on number formations, counting and ordering numbers. In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds for e, u and r and practising to spell CVC words using the letters they have learned so far.






The Theatre of Widdershins

On Wednesday, the children were lucky enough to see a puppet show by the very talented Andy Lawrence from The Theatre of Widdershins. They sat beautifully throughout the performance and asked lots of interesting questions at the end. They drew pictures of their favourite part of the show as a thank you to Andy.


Star of the Week

This week Eddie Ross is our Star of the Week. Eddie has shown lots of interest our Science investigations. His determination to improve his bridge and tower has been an inspiration to us all. Well done Eddie!

Happy Friday everyone and have a fabulous weekend!



20th November 2020

This week the children in Lime Class have been learning about the religious festivals Diwali and Hannukah. They had a very tactile time in Art making: Rangoli patterns with coloured sand- Firework pictures using paint hand prints, silver pens, coloured sand and lots of glue! The children worked really well with a partner to cut out nine candles for their shared Menorah pictures. I think you will agree that our class display [see photos] looks impressive!

In Maths, the children have been practising counting and number formations. They have also been putting numbers in the correct order. The children have a great time doing Active Maths with Mr Passman on a Tuesday afternoon.

In Phonics, the children have been practising reading and spelling words containing the Phase 2 letter sounds they have learned so far: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o and ck.                     Visit the website Phonics Play to access some excellent phonics games for your child to practise at home. There are some free online game available. We have so far covered Sets 1 and 2 in Phase 2.

Anti-Bullying Week

All week the children have been responding to a range of anti-bullying stories. They drew pictures and shared their ideas about the story Topsy and Tim help a Friend I was so impressed by their insight and understanding. This work has been put into their Topic books.

Star of the Week

This week Tom Gregory is our Star of the Week. Tom’s confidence has grown such a lot over the past few weeks, he has a wonderful learning attitude and he goes out of his way to help others too! Well done Tom!




13th November 2020

First of all, many thanks for all the wonderful celebration photos that have been emailed to the school. The children have loved sharing these with the rest of the class! This week, our learning focus has been on birthdays. The children have talked about their own birthday months and the birthday months of religious leaders Guru Nanak, Buddha and Jesus Christ. They shared their ideas on animated stories about these leaders through drawing and discussion. This work is recorded in their topic books and is lovely to see!

In Maths, the children have been exploring different ways of making 5 and 6. They have used multilink cubes for problem solving activities linked to number bonds. They enjoyed making number bonds with dominoes too.

In phonics, we are making lots of progress with letter formations and spelling different words using the letters s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d. The children have been playing Sound Swap i.e. changing sat to sit, sit to pit, pit to pat etc.

The children really know how to learn through play as you can see from the photos. Their ‘cross country’ run on Tuesday was a great success too. Forest Fridays are a wonderful way to round off the week. Leaf mountain competitions are great for team building.

Have a great weekend!












6th November 2020

This week in Lime Class, we have been exploring ‘what makes us special’ in our new topic of Celebrations.

Tuesday- The children designed their ‘Special Me’ shields. This gave them an opportunity to think about what makes them feel happy and proud.

Wednesday- The children celebrated their families by making lolly stick puppets of a family member.

Thursday- What make me unique? The children drew round their hand and put their unique print for every finger.


Tuesday- Learning to read and order the days of the week, sequence story events for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Wednesday- How long is one minute? The children challenged themselves by completing a range of different tasks in one minute e.g. How many beads can you thread in one minute?

Thursday-Comparing Measurements. The children measured themselves on our outdoor height chart and they even managed to put themselves in the correct height order as a whole class!


The children have been practising their letter formations for s, a, t, p, i and learning letter sounds i, n, m, d.




23rd October 2020 

This week in Lime Class we had some home learning time.  I hope you enjoyed the home learning activities!  At school we have been learning about habitats.  We made some lovely artwork about animals which live in different environments and did a cutting and sticking sorting activity to think about which animals live in a forest habitat and which live in a sea habitat. 

On Wednesday we enjoyed Music with Sarah O’Flynn.  The children are becoming very good at learning the signs to start and stop playing their instruments, as well as becoming louder and quieter.  They love singing along to the piano and enjoy singing duets in from of the whole class! 

On Friday the children had their weekly PE lesson with Mr Passman.  Their topic is Dance and they have become very skilled at moving in time together in different directions and in different ways.

Lime Class have made the most of our waterproof suits this week in the soggy weather and enjoyed being outside in the Forest Area exploring which types of creatures come out in the rain.








16th October 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about baby animals! We read the story Monkey Puzzle and worked out that Butterfly didn’t know Monkey’s mum would look like him because her babies are caterpillars. Then we played a matching game as a whole class, with adult and baby animals making pairs. The children loved painting symmetrical butterflies too, and seeing the magical effect that happens when you open the folded paper up.  Next, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the metamorphosis process. The children ordered and retold the story afterwards using pictures from the book. Our favourite activity from this week was looking at each other’s baby photos and trying to guess who was who!  We noticed that some children look similar to their baby pictures, but some children now look very different. Later, we did a writing activity, writing about activities we couldn’t do as babies.

We have started our work on learning new phonics this week, which has been a great success! Lime Class have learned about s, a, t, and p, and they are looking forward to learning 4 more next week.







9th October 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about mythical and sacred animals.  We watched Chinese dragon dancing and listened to the story of George and the Dragon.  Next, we listened to the story of Masha and the Firebird and learnt how to mix red and yellow together to make different shades of orange to paint a phoenix.  On Wednesday, we listened to Sugarlump and the Unicorn and made some fantastic unicorn headbands, which inspired the children to make their own mythical animal headbands independently throughout the rest of the week!  Then, we learnt about how cows are sacred to Hindus and saw pictures of beautifully decorated cows in India for celebrations. The children decorated pictures of cows with their own designs for a display in the classroom. 

In Maths we have been working on repeating patterns.  We used coloured cubes, body percussion, voice sounds and musical instruments to practise making 2 and 3 step repeating patterns.  Can your child show you a pattern at home?

In Phonics we’ve been learning about rhyme.  The children played games and sang nursery rhymes to tune into rhyming sounds.  This will help Lime Class hear phonemes when we start Phase 2 next week.  For a copy of the Phonics Presentation from this week click here.








2nd October 2020 

Last week in Lime Class we have been learning about nocturnal animals and their habitats in the UK.  The highlight of the week was investigating tunnels, dens, sets and burrows made from play tunnels, tents and tables inside the classroom!  The children had a fantastic time crawling through to find pictures of nocturnal animal families hiding inside.  Another fun activity from last week was making cute hedgehogs from air dry clay and painting them. 

Lime Class loved getting their waterproofs and wellies on to play in the Forest Area and we had lots of fun finding out which minibeasts come out when it’s wet.  Some children found a gigantic worm and studied it for ages! 

Outdoors we went on a colour hunt, trying to find all the colours of the rainbow in the Sensory Garden and the Forest Area.  The children predicted green would be the easiest to find. 

Before we can learn phonics with phonemes and graphemes we must first practise listening skills.  We played lots of listening games last week, including a game with musical instruments where the children had to close their eyes and hear the difference between them.

On Friday we were very lucky to welcome a real life vet, Mrs Williams, into Lime Class for our topic on animals.  Mrs Williams showed the children real x-rays and talked to the children about how to care for pets. Lime Class also enjoyed another fun PE lesson with Mr Passman! 

On Friday afternoon, through the magic of technology, we joined Mrs Kerridge and Mr Brooker at church via the internet.  It was lovely to be able to see inside the church and join in with prayers as a whole school!








25th September 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been animal protectors!  The children learnt the word ‘endangered’ and found out about different animals that need our protection and why.  Next, Lime Class thought about ways to keep animals healthy and then considered ways to keep ourselves healthy too.  We made yummy grape snake patterns and enjoyed gobbling them up afterwards!  The children have also looked at various habitats that need our protection and thought about ways to rescue the homes of our endangered species.  Everyone received an Animal Protector certificate at the end of the week for their hard work on a great cause!

On Wednesday Lime Class learnt about Sutton School’s 150th birthday and found out what school was like in the Victorian times, followed by a slice of birthday cake. The children decided they much prefer the school as it is now!

Music Sarah, Sarah O’Flynn, came to deliver her amazing weekly music sessions with Lime Class for the first time.  Sarah is a professional musician with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra! The children absolutely loved their first lesson.

Lime Class have loved spending their afternoons discovering the Forest Area and will soon learn how to put their wellies and waterproofs on when the weather changes. 

Please remember to get the most out of your child’s new reading book by following the guide on the inside cover and try to make it last.  Perhaps you can write a sentence for a page or two and model how we write for your child.

I’m sure Lime Class will be ready for a rest this weekend!







Hello and welcome to the Lime Class news! 

Here you’ll find photos and stories about the children’s learning each week.

The children have all settled in beautifully already and are making lots of new friends.  It’s been lovely to see how wonderfully they are playing together and how super their manners are!

 This half term our topic is Animals, and this week we have been learning about pets.  We read the story ‘I want a pet’ by Lauren Child and saw that the main character had left a purple egg for us to look after! We thought carefully about what it might hatch into and decided it couldn’t be a mammal, but perhaps an exotic type of pet.  Lime Class discussed how to look after different types of pets and what to do if one becomes ill.

Lime Class loved playing in the pet shop role play area and showed off their new learning in there.  We played lots of ‘getting to know you’ games and sang lots of songs too!

The children are really enjoying having their lunchtime picnics outside and look forward to playtime with their new friends afterwards. 

I hope you enjoy looking at a small selection of photos.  Thank you for working so hard with your children to support what has been an excellent transition to Sutton VA Lower School!






First week in our bubble! (12th June 2020)

This week in the Lime Class Bubble we have been settling into a new way of learning.  The children have adapted very quickly and enjoy having their own desks to work at. 

We have listened to stories and learned songs to support our transition of returning to school and made posters to decorate our new learning space. 

Mostly, we have been focussing on emotional resilience and rebuilding relationships. The children have played communication and turn taking games, and made happiness boxes, as well as ‘things I’m looking forward to’ jars.  We also made mirrors with words describing what we like about ourselves written on them, including being kind, being a good sibling and being caring.

In phonics we have started learning about adjacent consonant blends from Phase 4 and we went on an adventure with Grandad’s magic watch to the Stone Age!  In maths we have been singing counting songs and adding numbers to 20.

The Lime Class Bubble have been very excited to see Mr Passman for P.E. and absolutely loved their lesson outside. 

In R.E., we listened to the story of ‘Jesus calms the storm’ and thought about times when we have been worried or scared.  We talked about how Christians ask Jesus for strength and have faith that He will support us. 






Growing up (6th March 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have been thinking about growing up.  The children learnt about the human lifecycle and how humans change throughout their lives.  First Lime Class learnt about babies and what babies need in the first year of their lives.  The children thought about how they have changed from when they were a baby or a toddler and all the amazing things they can do now.  They had a go at a cut and stick activity, putting pictures of the stages of growth in order from birth to old age, and wrote notes under each picture to describe them.

This week in music Sarah taught the children to create sounds to accompany the story of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt for World Book Day.  This is a story the children know off by heart, and Lime Class loved using their imaginations to think of creative ways to use their voices, bodies and instruments to make music.

In Phonics, the children learnt ‘oi’, ‘ear’, and ‘air’.  Can your child remember the actions for these words?  Can they find them in their phonics card pack at home and think of some words with these sounds in them?

Lime Class are doing really well at putting their waterproof suits and wellies on independently for the Forest Area this half term.  This week the children enjoyed finding out what happens if you add lots and lots of water to lots and lots of mud!  They also used wool to attach their God’s Eye weaving from last week to the Whispering Willows.  When the weather turned, the children continued their weaving work inside.  We read Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Lime Class made some brilliant stick people, giving them clothes, little boots, hats and mittens! 

On World Book Day, Lime Class had a lovely morning sharing their books with each other.  In the afternoon the children mixed with Larch and Hawthorn Classes.  It was really nice to see how confident Lime Class were to speak to the older children about their books!






Speaking and listening (28th February 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have had a focus on speaking and listening skills.  Speech and language skills underpin many other areas of children's development by providing a strong foundation for other areas of learning, such as reading and writing and enabling access to the whole curriculum. 

The children used question words to ask their friends about their half term break, and were asked to use eye contact and listen to their friend’s response carefully enough to be able to share what they’d been told.  Then Lime Class were challenged to answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions, such as ‘how did you get there?’ and ‘why did you like it?’ to develop their understanding and speaking skills.  We supported the children to use the right tenses and repeated their sentences back to them correctly.    

On a course I went on recently, I learnt that children with lower attainment in reading and writing at Year 2 had poor vocabulary, speaking and listening skills in Reception.  It’s important that we model correct speaking and listening for our children by using correct grammar and ensuring eye contact when speaking.  Is your child running around or are they looking at you when you talk to them?  Do you correct their pronunciation and grammar?  Can you extend their sentence?  For example, the might say ‘There’s a dog’ and you could extend their sentence by saying ‘Yes, it’s a big, black Labrador’.    

Lime Class love their weekly music lessons with Sarah O’Flynn and are getting better every week!  This week they developed their work on rhythm using some percussion instruments, playing alongside Sarah and her flute.

On Tuesday, the children learnt about the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday and Lent.  In small groups Lime Class followed a recipe to make pancakes, and helped to add and mix the ingredients before gobbling them up with lemon and sugar or syrup. 

In Maths, the children have been working on positional language.  Lime Class had fun outside running around putting cubes in different positions around the playground.  They had to listen to instructions to put their cube in front of, behind, next to/beside, under, on, and between objects outside.  Can your child do this at home?  Could they put some peas between their fish fingers, or tomato sauce next to their sausages?

In Phonics, the children have been revising some digraphs and trigraphs from last half term.  After making pancakes, Lime Class had a go at using their phonics skills to write their own recipe book!

The children have loved using the Forest Area this week and exploring the new developments which have been added.  They collected sticks for a weaving project called God’s eye weaving.  Their creations look fantastic.  On Thursday, Lime Class had a wonderful morning playing in the snow with their friends making snowballs and little snowmen!  I hope it’ll be a day they will remember for a long time. 








Magic Forests (14th February 2020)

 This week in Lime Class we have been using our imaginations to think about magical enchanted forests. We went out to the Forest Area and imagined cooking a potion inside a tree stump.  The children each added their ‘ingredient’ to the potion, such as squirrels, red autumn leaves, and acorns, then went inside to write stories.  The children really enjoyed playing a hide and seek game by hiding Flopsy the rabbit around the classroom and telling each other if they were ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ while their friends searched for her.


Outside in the Forest Area again, Lime Class had lots of fun doing a number hunt.  There were numbers to 20 on fairies hidden in the woodland and the children had to check their number charts to tick of the corresponding numbers.  This was a really fun, active activity and something you could copy at home or in the garden!

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day.  Internet safety is an essential aspect of learning for our children.  Lime Class enjoyed a story featuring characters from traditional tales, such as Snow White, Goldilocks and Cinderella, facing dilemmas around internet safety.  This prompted lots of discussion about how to use the internet safely, such as talking to strangers online, giving out personal information and cyberbullying.  The children talked about what they use phones and tablets for at home, and thought about how to use them safely.   

On Thursday we had a school Global Learning Day.  Lime class learnt about a school in Burundi, Africa, which is one of the world's poorest nations.  They looked at similarities and differences between the classrooms, playgrounds and landscapes in Burundi and Sutton, and then learnt about the different school lunches they have.  Lime Class thought about healthy school meals they would like the children in Burundi to have, and designed them using paper plates.    

We hope you all have a lovely half term break!



Toys (7th February 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have been using our imaginations to think about toys coming life.  Lime Class listened to a story about toys going on an adventure, then some had a go at writing their own.  The children played a guessing game using descriptive vocabulary to work out which toys their friends were thinking about, and labelled drawings of their favourite toys.  The class’s favourite toy we had out in the classroom this week was the tea set!  The children loved setting the table with the table cloth and playing ‘families’ in the kitchen.  If anyone has a real china tea set they would like to donate, the children would love to use it in their play and learn about how to look after fragile things!  

This week we have also been thinking about Children’s Mental Health Week.  The children have been thinking about how to keep their minds healthy, as well as their bodies.  Mrs Tack worked with Lime Class to think about how exercise not only helps to keep us physically healthy, but also mentally too.  They did some HIIT workouts following The Body Coach’s videos, and some yoga to help them notice how it helps them to feel calm.  We do a lot of work in Lime Class to help build the children’s self-esteem, including working on saying positive things about themselves and recognising what makes them special.  Through our regular Mind Map/Casey Caterpillar work we teach the children the vocabulary to enable them to express their feelings and recognise the physical signs to different emotions.  They know words like frustrated, furious, nervous, disappointed, jealous and lonely, which can support the children to express how they feel using words, rather than through challenging behaviours.       

 In Maths, the children have been working on addition to 10.  The played games outside, collecting small amounts of natural objects to add together, and later attempting to write number sentences in chalk on the playground.  Can your child add small amounts at home?  They could add their fish fingers together, or segments of satsuma, or add their big teddies and small teddies together!

 In Phonics, the children have been working on ai, ee, igh, oa, long and short oo, ar and or.  Lots of the children have told me about the games they have been playing with you with the cards we sent home!  This week we have added some board games to the children’s phonics books to help them practise their new sounds. 







Aliens (31st January 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have been using our imaginations to think about aliens and space!  The children showed off their acting skills to act out going on a mission to visit a new planet and meeting some friendly aliens.  The did some role play to think about why an alien might like to be friends with them and used lots of lovely positive self-talk.  The next day, the aliens came to visit the classroom and the children recorded very important information about them to report to NASA (of course) using their amazing phonics skills.  Mrs Pinn came to watch Lime Class on their mission and was very impressed by their work!  Lime Class have really enjoyed playing with our space resources and have shown a real interest in learning about the solar system.  Some of the children were about the name a lot of the planets and describe them too!  Junk modelling has also been very popular this week, with the children building rockets, jetpacks and astronaut suits!

In Music, we have been listening to The Planet Suite by the English composer Gustav Holst.  Each movement of the suite is named after a planet of the solar system and a corresponding astrological character.  The children we able to feel the mood of each piece and say which planet/character it might be. 

Lime Class also had their first special music lesson with Sarah O’Flynn, who is an amazing musician and has worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Royal Scottish National Orchestra!  The children absolutely loved their lesson and are very excited for the next one!

 In Maths, the children have been working on the number 10.  On Monday we went out onto the playground and taught the children how to play hopscotch!  Its’s a brilliant, active game for practising number recognition, as well as counting up and down from 10 as the children jump along the hopscotch frame. 

In Phonics, the children have been introduced to vowel digraphs and trigraphs.  Most of the class have found this week trickier than others and will need to practise these new phoneme-grapheme correspondents at home.  I have made every child a set of cards with 2 of each sound/spelling so you can play memory games with them.  Start with a few easier ones to begin with, then gradually add one newer phoneme-grapheme at a time. 

On Saturday it was the start of the Chinese New Year, so on Thursday we investigated how people celebrate and learnt the story of the Chinese Zodiac.  Can your child tell you why it is the year of the rat?  Lime Class were fascinated by videos of Chinese Lion Dancing and made up some of their own dances to the music!  We also made our own fortune cookies.  Lime Class wrote kind messages to each other, folded them up, and help me put them inside a paper cookie to give to a friend.    







Pirates (24th January 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have been using our imaginations to explore pirates!  The children thought about the ‘treasures’ they have in their lives and what or who they would put in their treasure chests.  Lime Class did some excellent writing and pictures of their treasures, including their parents, friends, pets and favourite toys. The next day, the children thought about what makes them a ‘treasure’ by thinking about themselves in positive ways.  Lime Class really enjoyed playing a memory game with items from a treasure chest by showing the children 5 or 6 objects, taking one away, and asking the children to say which is missing.  Working memory is vital to children’s development at school, and can affect attention, behaviour and self-esteem.  Do you play memory games at home?  You could try memory matching games, missing object games or shopping list games (I went shopping and bought a …) at home.  Lime Class also used their science skills to make mini pirate ships.  Their challenge was to make one that could float in water, and investigate which materials would work best.

In Maths, the children have been working on the numbers, 8, 9 and 10.  Lime Class thought about the number 8 when making colourful spiders and tried out different arrangements of legs that add up to 8.  They decided that 4 and 4 (we also used the vocabulary ‘double’ 4) would be correct for their spiders.  Then we moved on to the number 9 using ‘10 frames’ to see how they can subitise (the ability to instantaneously recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them) by seeing there is one empty space whichever way they arrange their counters.  The next day the children played with the 10 frames again to begin to explore number bonds to 10.    

In Phonics, the children have been working on digraphs, ch, sh, th ('voiced th' /ð/ and 'unvoiced th' /θ/ ) and ng.  Now the children have learnt some digraphs, they should begin to notice them in their reading books.  Can your child spot a digraph before they attempt to sound out a word like ‘ship’?  Do they say ‘s-h-i-p’ or can they see ‘sh-i-p’?  You could try writing out some ch, sh, th and ng words and asking your child to underline or circle the digraph.

In Music, the children have been listening to pirate sea shanties, as well as theremin and laser harp music for our Computing Day.  Lime Class thought the laser harp was really cool!  Computing Day was very busy in Lime Class, with children hunting around the school for different types of technology and thinking what their uses might be, and also designing their own machines.  Lots of the children drew designs for machines to help them in and out of the car and to carry them around … perhaps they were a little tired!  In the afternoon, the children pretended to be robots and program each other and then applied their learning to Bee-Bot robots. 








Castles (17th January 2020)

This week in Lime Class we have been using our imaginations to explore castles.  The children learnt about different parts of a castle and who might have lived in castles in the past.  They used their learning to write some imaginative stories, including tales about dragons, knights, kings, queens and princesses.  We used 2d and 3d shapes to build castles and forts and some children used library books to explore real kings and queens from British history.  Lime Class did some really lovely work on coats of arms, and designed their own to represent themselves and their families.  The classroom them turned into an armoury as the children decided to make shields, swords and helmets with their coats of arms! 

The children are still very interested in Spot the jaguar.  This week they learnt some interesting facts about jaguars and wrote amazing sentences for fact files to go on our Spot the Jaguar display!  Can your child tell you something they learnt?

 In Maths, the children have been working on number bonds to 5, 6, and 7.  We played a game where there were some cubes in a bag and the children had to work out how many would be left in the bag if I took some out.  They really impressed us with their skills!  Can your child play this game with you at home?  On Wednesday we thought about how many different ways a ladybird could display 6 spots on its shell, for example 1 on one side and 5 on the other, and on Thursday we thought about how many days there are in a week and how many colours there are in a rainbow. 

In Phonics, the children have been working on y (y for yogurt at the start of a word, but ‘ee’ at the end of words), z, zz, and qu, as well as tricky words he, she, we, me and be.  There are some activities in the children’s home phonics books for you to work on together at home.  Please allow your child to complete these as independently as possible, but with your support to remind them how to form their letters correctly. 

In R.E., Lime Class have been learning about incarnation.  They have been thinking about how God took human form as Jesus, the Son, as well as being the Father and the Holy Spirit.  From this, the children thought about their different forms, including being a friend, a sibling, a son or a daughter, an artist, a dancer, a footballer, etc. 

In Music, the children have been listening to some medieval folk music and imagining themselves at a castle banquet.  Last week they listened to soundtracks from superhero films and thought about how each piece made them feel.  They decided the superhero music was strong and exciting and made them think of danger and battles.  This week we compared both types of music and the children discussed which genre they preferred and why.  It’s safe to say we have more fans of modern soundtracks than medieval folk music! 








Superheroes (10th January 2019)

This half term in Lime Class our topic is Imaginations and we have started off our theme with a week on superheroes.  On Monday we had a discussion about what our human superpowers are.  The children made pictures and labelled them with lovely qualities, including kind, loving and funny.  Lime Class tackled some tricky superhero challenges, including phonics code breaking and finding invisible numbers, as well as making some very cool masks!  With Mrs Hammond, the children made flying superheroes using magnets and enjoyed exploring magnetic force around the classroom too.  

In Maths, the children have been working on number bonds to 5.  They used bean bags and hoops to play a game and learnt how to record their answers using grown-up number sentences, and also used the ‘part-part-whole’ model to explore different ways of making 5.  On Thursday Lime Class played a game called Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Show Me Your Ears, where they make 5 with their fingers above their heads.  Can your child show you how to play?  In their bookbags I have included a mini Snakes and Ladders game board.  Snakes and Ladders teaches children a wide range of skills but it can be quite tricky to master the rules.  You could use coins as counters if you don’t have any counters at home.

In Phonics, the children have been revising j, v, w, and x.  Lime Class have remembered most of their sounds since the Christmas break and have wowed us at school with their motivation to write so early on in the year.  This phonics phase includes many more ‘tricky words’ too, which cannot be sounded out, so lots of practise at home will help.  There are two tricky word songs that we are singing to help us - and  Please keep practising the Jolly Phonics actions at home too!

This week we welcomed a new member to Lime Class … Spot the Jaguar!  A Lime Class parent has very kindly adopted a jaguar on behalf of the children.  We will receive regular updates about the support the WWF are giving, and we have a mini jaguar to live with us at school!  The children are absolutely delighted and had lots to say about climate change, conservation, and protecting our natural world.  Then they decided they’d like to make Spot some welcome cards and letters, resulting in lots of amazing independent writing! 







Merry Christmas! (20th December 2019)

This week in Lime Class we have been thinking about using our values at Christmas time.  The children decided they would like to make cards for people who might not have many visitors over the Christmas period.  I scribed some very kind messages inside the cards on the children’s behalves, while they signed them in their best handwriting and added festive self-portraits too.  The cards have been given to a local care home for the elderly. 

The children loved making their Christingles last week so this week they painted some beautiful pictures of them while discussing what each element of the Christingle represents.  They also used to fir leaves to decorate pictures of advent wreaths to show what they have learnt. 

On Thursday they children enjoyed an extra special morning at school.  Baker extraordinaire, Mrs Harper, made some special gingerbread cookies for the children to make into 3d Christmas trees, and cupcakes to decorate with fondant.  Then, a very kind anonymous mummy elf had left presents for each of the children to unwrap!  There was icing and wrapping everywhere and smiles all-round. 

I’m so very proud of every child in the class for working so hard and living their values this half term.  It’s been a long one for our little ones and they’ve done you all proud.  I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and find time to rest over the holidays!







Christmas (13th December 2019)

This week in Lime Class Christmas is in full swing!  The children have been working incredibly hard on their carol concert songs and wowed us all with their amazing performances on Thursday!  They have also been busily making secret gifts and cards to surprise you with for Christmas, as well as some cards for the elderly to spread some of their festive cheer in the community.  Lime Class have also been using their senses to explore different evergreen plants, including fir, pine and spruce, and making sensory pictures with festive natural objects. 

This week we were looking after the ‘travelling crib’ from All Saints Church.  Lime Class have loved using what they know about the Christmas story to act out the narrative using the beautiful figures.  They have also used the Christmas Playmobil in their role play, although a couple of random pieces seem to have made their way into the set, including a giant cake and a large Range cooker!

In Phonics, the children have learnt four new phonics, j, v, w, and x, from the next phonics phase.  Lime Class are making excellent progress and we have noticed the children using their learning more and more in their play.  Some children have begun to label their pictures and love writing cards to each other, and Mrs Chapman too!  Can you help your child to label their models and creations at home?  Can they tell you what they have drawn or made and say what sound it begins with?  Ask them to sound it out for you and encourage them to hear each sound before you tell them the answer!

In P.E., Lime Class are using their bodies to make shapes and coordinate their movements.  The children loved working together to make letter shapes with their bodies and spelt out the words ‘Happy X-Mas’!







Dentist (6th December 2019) 

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about dentists.  Mrs Farnsworth, a dental hygienist, came to visit us and teach the children all about how to look after their teeth.  They played a game where they had to think about whether different foods and drinks were good or bad for their teeth, and learnt how to clean their teeth and gums properly.  Mrs Farnsworth very kindly gave some gloves, a mask and a dental mirror to every child so they could practise being dentists at home too!  We looked at teeth on a model skull and learnt about the different types of teeth we have.  Can the children tell you how many times a day they must brush their teeth, how long for, and whether they should rinse with water afterwards or not? 

On Monday, Mrs Hollyman came to work with Lime Class on our Outside Classroom again.  She has returned the children’s decorated trowels to use this year and the children are really enjoying their gardening jobs! Mrs Hollyman is transforming the front of our school and it’s beginning to look amazing!

  In Maths, the children have been learning the days of the week.  We have been singing a song to the tune of the Addams Family, which you can find here -, or here for a creepier version -!  Can your child tell you which day of the week it is each day, and what day it will be the day after?

In Phonics, the children have been revising some sounds which we have already covered – m, d, g, and o.  They are really keen to learn their tricky words and enjoy the Tricky Word Song!  Can they sing it to you at home?







Vets (29th November 2019)

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about vets.  Mrs Williams kindly visited the children to tell them all about her job as a vet and showed the children some real x-rays.  The children spotted the fractures on the animals’ bones and then practised bandaging up Ralph, the toy Labrador.  Lime Class have really enjoyed acting out what they have learnt through role play in the classroom all week!


On Monday, Mrs Hollyman came to work with Lime Class on our Outside Classroom.  She taught the children about different plants and bulbs and how to plant them properly.  She also very kindly gave the children a pair of gardening gloves and a special trowel to decorate each so they have their own equipment to use!  Mrs Hollyman will be working with Lime Class throughout the year to make our environment, including the front of the school, even more beautiful. 


In Maths, the children have been working on numeral recognition.  Although most children can say their numbers up to 20, we are working on teaching the children to recognise numerals out of sequence.  We played a game where Lime Class had some flashcards laid out in a circle, and I called out a number for them to identify and swat before their opponent!  They really love this game, and is something you can do at home with numbers, letters and tricky words too!

In Phonics, the children have been revising some sounds which we have already covered – s, a, t, p, i and n, as well as learning some new tricky words – no and go.  We revised the formation of these letters too and the progress the children have made is really impressive!  In fact, some children can recall all 23 letters and sounds from this phase of the National Framework, plus a few more!  Over the last few weeks the children have been using their new writing skills to write cards and letters.  Can they help you at home with Christmas cards, gift tags or shopping lists?

For PSED, Lime class worked with Mrs Tack to make a ‘box of smiles’.  They helped to decorate it and thought about lovely compliments about their friends or family that they could draw or write about to put in the box.  The children have written some really lovely things about each other, and the box will be in the classroom for the children to use whenever they like.


In Art, the children made some amazing melting snowmen using puffy paint, buttons, felt scarves and hats, and little twigs. We read a poem together and then the children thought of reasons their snowmen might have melted.  Their work will be on display at the church for everyone to admire!

On Wednesday we were visited by Bishop of Bedford who came to bless Larch Classroom.  I was bursting with pride to see how every child tried their very best to represent the school, by standing smartly, listening carefully, praying respectfully and singing beautifully.  Well done, Lime Class!



Librarians (22nd November 2019)

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about librarians.  We looked at pictures of some amazing libraries from all over the world and talked about all the things you can do at a library for free, like Lego clubs and craft activities.  On Tuesday the children planned lots of questions for our very own librarian, Mrs Cobb, and made book covers of their favourite books to show her.  Mrs Cobbs told the children about all the wonderful things libraries have to offer, and took them to our mini library that we have in school.  On Thursday the children visited the library and chose a book to borrow, and pretended to be librarians by sorting books into fiction or non-fiction books. 

On Wednesday we had our whole school Geography day.  In Lime Class we studied our local area, including where our school is and where the children live.  The children looked at Sutton on an ordnance survey map and found the school, the brook and some farms, and then learnt about addresses and how postal workers use them to find places.  Lime Class had a go at writing their addresses on envelopes and stuck a stamp in the corner to send later on.  In the afternoon we went a field trip around Sutton to investigate human and physical features of the area, and to explore the history of the village too.  We found the old post office by the post box and even bumped into the local postman!

  In Maths, the children have been working on money.  They played games to identify coins and thought about how many penny sweets they could buy with each one.  Can your child identify any coins you have at home?  Could they buy something small from a shop using some coins?

In Phonics, the children have been working on l, digraph ll, digraph ss, and tricky words the, to and I.  The children are using the actions from Jolly Phonics a lot to support their reading and writing.  If you can learn the actions too it will really help them! If you’re not sure what they are, you can find them at      

For PSED, Lime class worked with Mrs Tack to make a ‘worry box’.  They helped to decorate it and thought about anything that might be worrying them that they could draw or write about to put in the box.  The box will be in the classroom for the children to use whenever they like.








Paramedics (15th November 2019)

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about paramedics.  The children discussed questions they could ask a real life paramedic and then listened very carefully to our special parent visitor, who came to visit from the London Emergency Ambulance Service.  She spoke to the children about what paramedics do and showed them some of the equipment she uses.  Miss Austin taught the children how to put someone into the recovery and taught them about doing first aid.  We talked about situations in which they might need to call an ambulance, such as if their grown up was really hurt.  Can your child tell you the phone number to call in an emergency and can they access a phone if they needed to?

In Maths, the children have been working on 3d shapes.  We played lots of games and talked about whether a shape was flat, 2d, or a 3d shape.  The children played relay races outside using the correct shape names, including sphere, cuboid, cube, cone and cylinder, and then built towers with them during their Play to Learn time.  Can your child spot some 3d shapes around the house?  Can they tell you what shape a baked bean tin is, or a cereal box?

In Phonics, the children have been working on b, f, and digraph ff, and noticing the difference between b and d.  The children have a worksheet in their bookbags today to practise this at home.  At school we say ‘b’ goes down the bat and around the ball, and ‘d’ goes around the doggy’s head, up the long lead, back down the long lead, and has a tiny tail.  The children find using the actions from the Jolly Phonics songs really helpful when reading and writing.  If you’re not sure what they are, you can find them at      

On Thursday we received another visitor to Lime Class, this time local author, Elizabeth Price, to preview her newest story to the children.  They sang along to her guitar and joined in with activities after the story.

For Forest Friday the children made 2d shapes using twigs and sticks, and even attempted some 3d shapes with what they could find outside.  Lime Class also enjoyed running to raise money for the Tree of Hope and making Pudsey pictures for Children in Need.

For PSED, Lime class worked with Mrs Tack to think about different emotions and helping Ted the teddy to react to situations in positive ways.  The children amazed Mrs Tack by coming up with over 14 different emotions on their own, including frustrated, furious and jealous!  Ted the teddy now lives in our cosy reading area, where the children can sit with Ted and talk about their feelings.










Firefighters (8th November 2019)

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about firefighters.  We found out what firefighters do to help us in our community and listened to stories too.  Some children wrote letters to send off to a fire station and some drew and labelled some fantastic pictures to go on display.

In Maths, the children have been working on height.  Lime Class hunted around the classroom for objects which were taller or shorter than themselves, and then did the same outside too.  Can your child do this with you at home around the house or garden?

In Phonics, the children have been working on u, r, and h, and tricky words the, I and put.  We have covered lots of sounds now, so we are beginning to write phrases and short sentences using the sounds the children know so far.  The children have brought home laminated copies of a handwriting formation sheet this week.  You can use it as a write on/wipe off board with a board marker, or use it to copy the letters.  Please ensure your child starts from the correct place, e.g. the top of the letter, to instil good habits.  

Lime Class have been listening to classical music and thinking out the similarities and differences of various pieces.  They listened to In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg and compared it to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  They decided they were angry pieces and had a ‘Halloweeny’ feel to them.  They really enjoyed these animations to watch while they listened - and  They compared Moonlight Sonata 1 and 3 and then fell into hysterics listening to the Can Can (Galop infernal) by Offenbach.

On Thursday the children learnt about Remembrance Day and worked together to make a lovely display of poppies using potato printing – a classic!  The afternoon was Global Learning Afternoon across the school.  We talked about climate change and what we can do to help as individuals.  Lime Class took this very seriously, and discussed some brilliant ways to help and made posters for a display. 

The children have decided they would like their Values Prize to be a pyjama day!  This will be on Tuesday 12th November.  Please ensure your child will be warm enough to play outside and has sensible shoes, like trainers.







Police (1st November 2019)

For this half term our topic is People Who Help Us, and this week in Lime Class we have been learning about the police.  We were very fortunate to have a visit from two police officers, who told us about their job and offered the children the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and turn the siren on themselves!  The children made paper police cars and wrote incident reports, thinking about what type of equipment they might need.  Then they had a go at reading a story about Officer Bear, sounding out the words in pairs and reading their page to the rest of the class.

As you know, our class name is now Lime Class and we are all settled into our new room.  The children really like their new learning space and I’d like to thank the parents, on their behalf, who came into school during half term to help with the move.

In Maths, the children have been working on number recognition and length.  Lime Class enjoyed a fun game outside where they ran around between number cards of the playground and then threw a beanbag onto the number which was shouted out.  Some children recreated this game in their Choosing Time too!  We also talked about ‘long’ and ‘short’ and hunted around the classroom for objects that were ‘longer’ or ‘shorter’ than their pencil. 

In Phonics, the children have been working on e, c, k, and ck.  Can your child explain what a digraph is, or spot digraph ‘ck’ in a word or on a page in a book?  Children won’t be expected to know whether to use ‘curly c’, ‘kicking k’, or ‘digraph ck’ in their writing, so they will usually ask, however, we do say that ‘ck’ usually comes at the end of a word, and never at the beginning.

The children have enjoyed lots of sensory play this week by making potions in the mud kitchen using beautiful petals and leaves, and hunting for wooden letters in pumpkin flesh and seeds!









Growth mindset and resilience (18th October 2019)

This week in Stream Class our focus has been ‘I am amazing!’.  At this point in the year, the children may be feeling like there is a lot to learn and discovering that some things might be a bit tricky.  We have been talking about growth mindset and how to be resilient when tackling challenges in life.  The children tried some yoga poses, including warrior poses, tree pose and mountain pose, while saying affirmations out loud like, “I am strong” and “I am kind”.  We read lots of stories about characters overcoming obstacles or trying hard, and learnt a special magic word … Can your child tell you what the magic word is?  (You must wiggle your fingers jazz hands/magician style when you ask!)  Then Stream Class made some fantastic ‘I am special’ shields with Mrs Hammond.  They thought carefully about what makes them special, and the children included some lovely ideas like being kind, being a good friend or sibling, and being creative or being good at football.

In Phonics, we have covered n, g, d, and o.  The children love the routine of our Phonics sessions and look forward to playing the games and signing the songs every day.  Some children find forming the letters correctly a little challenging.  A few great ways to encourage writing at home are using chalks or a paintbrush and water outside on the walls, fences or floors, labelling drawings or Lego models with just the initial sound of the word, or drawing letters or shapes in a plate of flour, lentils, shaving foam, sand or rice!

On Thursday, Stream Class had a tour of where their new classroom will be.  We are having a little shuffle around at school and we will be moving into a very special part of the building with an amazing ceiling and windows!  The children will have their own bathroom and have a door to access their outdoor classroom.  Stream Class are very excited to see how it looks after half term!








Our Emotions (11th October 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning our emotions.  We talked about how all feelings are OK and how it’s good to be able to talk about them.  The children used feelings puppets to role play different emotions and think of situations in which someone might feel sad, worried, angry, etc.  Then they used iPads to take pictures of each other acting out their scenarios.  On Tuesday, Stream Class worked with Mrs Hammond to use a worry box.  They worked together to discuss anything they might be worried about and think of ways they could make something better, before folding up their worry and putting it in the box. 

In R.E., Stream Class have been learning about the Creation story.  We made a giant collaborative picture which the children enjoyed adding to as we read.  Later, the children looked at various children’s Bibles to see how the stories and illustrations differed and then put pictures of the Creation story in order. 

On Friday, Stream Class went to the church in the morning to meet with Mrs Kerridge, who will be working with the children throughout the year on Stewardship and Citizenship.  This time they did some lovely work on the Harvest Appeal for Tanzania.

In Maths, we have been working on the number 5.  We talked about lots of different ways to show 5, including words, symbols, objects and actions.  The children enjoyed running around the Forest Area making lots of 5 using sticks, leaves and acorns.   

In Phonics, we have begun our routine of learning a new grapheme or phoneme each day.  This week we have covered a, t, i, and m.  You can find the whole alphabet of Jolly Phonics songs here - – they’re old, but effective!  Can your child sing the songs to you and show you the actions?  It is important to learn how to form letters correctly from the beginning.  In Reception we focus on lower case letters and I have put a formation guide in your child’s book bag today for you to refer to when practising letter formation at home.








Our Senses (4th October 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning our five senses.  We talked about which parts of our bodies we use for each sense, and played some games to explore them.  The children loved playing the Silly Sausages listening game and wowed Mrs Hammond when they played the Feely Bag game!  In the Forest Area, Stream Class made sensory paintbrushes using different herbs, making sure they mindfully paused to notice the different smells.

On Wednesday, we were very lucky to welcome Atilla, the ringmaster from the circus to our school, and teach us about the history of the circus and how to do some tricks.  We all had a great time and the children drew some brilliant pictures and wrote thank you letters to give to him at the end of the day. 

In Maths, we have been working on saying the next number, or the number that is one more.  Here is a great action song you can join in with at home - – and maybe you can practise asking your child to say the next number around the house too.  For example, going up or down the stairs or eating pieces of fruit.    

In Phonics, we have been thinking about the initial sound in words and grouping objects by sound they begin with.  The children played a game where they had to rescue animals which had escaped from the zoo and group them by their initial sound to send back!  We also started learning about the ‘s’ sound.  We sang a song - - and played lots of games to help with letter recognition and noticing the ‘s’ sound in words.  Then we had a go at writing ‘s’ and making it out of pipe cleaners. 








We Are All Different (27th September 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about how we are all different.  We read the story Giraffes Can’t Dance from author Giles Andreae, a lovely book about being yourself and finding your own tune.  Then we played some circle time games to find out a bit more about each other and noticed we like and dislike different things, and that’s OK.  Stream Class really enjoyed making crowns this week to show what makes them different and special.  They decorated them with pictures of things they like and other colourful bits and bobs to express themselves.  On Thursday, the children made pizza faces using healthy toppings, while talking about hygiene and food safety. 

In Maths, we have been working on repeating patterns.  As well as using shapes and colours to make repeating patterns, we have been using our bodies to do actions too.  The children loved dancing along to Banana Banana Meatball - – and continuing the patterns in the song! 

In Phonics, we are still working on rhyme.  The children are listening to lots of rhyming stories and trying to anticipate what the last word will be in the rhyming couplet.  This is something you can practise at home too.

The children received a free story book this week from the Book Trust.  We read the book in class and the children loved the story and illustrations, and enjoyed predicting what might happen next.  I have challenged them to ask you to what you predict the little creature might be!










Our bodies (20th September 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about our bodies.  We looked at books, models and diagrams of the human body and talked about how we can look after our bodies, including personal hygiene, healthy eating, rest, and exercise. 

The children have enjoyed doing lots of artwork to do with bodies and faces.  They went outside to find interesting autumn leaves and made fantastic pictures of people with Mrs Hammond.  Stream Class also had a go at working together to cut and stick a life-size skeleton by looking at diagrams and thinking about where the bones go.  Then we looked carefully at some self-portraits by famous artists, including Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and Frida Kahlo, and the children created their own in different styles.

In Maths, we have been working on 2d shapes.  The children have enjoyed meeting Motty, a little blue character who joins us for active maths lessons outside.  With Motty, we ran around looking for circles, triangles and squares on the playground and making the shapes using shoelaces.  Stream Class also enjoyed using the shapes to make pictures and naming them. 

In Phonics, we have been working on rhyme.  We have been reading lots of lovely rhyming stories and playing games.  Rhyming can be tricky, so please work on this at home too if you can, by singing or saying rhymes together and reading rhyming stories.

There are some great online resources you can access to help your child at home.  Twinkl,, has loads of great ideas, printables and games for you to use, including reward charts, mindfulness activities and self-care for parents.  Topmarks,, and Phonics Play,, have some great free games too!







Families (13th September 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about different types of families.  We looked at photos of real life families and read some stories too.  We discussed how lots of us in the class have different types of people who look after us at home, but the love is the same.

We have been talking about staying safe at school, including the importance of following the rules and what to do if the fire alarm rings or if there is a danger outside.  Your child might mention this to you at home.  In case of an outside threat, we hide quietly under the tables.  We said this might be in case there is a swarm of bees or a confused cow!

Stream Class met Mrs Hammond on Tuesday, who came to work with the children on some clay work.  We talked about how the seasons are changing and how autumn is a time when we might see hedgehogs out and about collecting food.  They looked at pictures and created clay hedgehogs using scissors to snip spikes.

The children have been singing lots of songs in maths, including One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught A Fish Alive, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, and Five Little Ducks.  Please encourage your child to use their fingers to show numbers as this will help with both their maths and fine motor skills! 

The children have really enjoyed playing with syringes (without needles, obviously!) and using the pump and plunger action to squirt water.  They wrote numbers on the fence in chalk to use as targets and shouted out the numbers as they squirted them!

We have also been singing a song in phonics to help us think about initial sounds in words -  Can your child sing along at home?  We played some fun listening games too, to help us hear the slight differences between sounds.   






Welcome to Stream Class! (6th September 2019)

Welcome, everyone, to your Class News page!  Here I will give you a summary of some of the things we have been doing each week, as well as some tips and ideas about how you can support your child’s development and learning at home.

The children are settling in beautifully at school and are already getting to know our class rules and routines.  They are making friends and already demonstrating some lovely sharing and turn taking skills.

Stream Class have met Casey the Caterpillar, who is a class toy designed to teach the children about their emotions.  Every day the children are encouraged to think about their feelings or mood and add their named caterpillar to the ‘feelings flower’.  This way we encourage them to identify and name their emotions and it allows us to speak to the children about strategies to deal with their feelings. 

 The children have loved lunchtime and are all fantastic eaters!  Mrs Sexton, their lunchtime supervisor, is very impressed.

In their bookbags, the children have a Learning Log.  There are some optional activities which you can do with your child, but feel free to be creative and make up your own activities to do with our topic if you’d like to!  When they have completed something in their Learning Log they can share it with the class.

Our topic for this half term is This Is Me!  We will be celebrating our individuality and thinking about our families, bodies, senses and emotions.  If you would like to come in to speak to the children about different families, looking after our bodies, or understanding our feelings we would love to have you!  Please speak to me at the gate if this is something you’d be interested in doing.










Celebrating a wonderful year (19th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been reflecting on the past year, enjoying our last week together, and looking forward to the future.

The children have finished their Stream Class to River Class booklets and thought about what they have loved this year.  They can take them to look back on over the summer and read what they have written about their new teacher and their new adventures in River Class.

On Monday and Tuesday, the children finished their preparations for our wedding day by making fantastic bunting, photo booth props, and flowers.  Then on Wednesday we all had a great time celebrating lots of types of ceremonies and taking turns to have different roles.  Of course, we had a reception party afterwards and enjoyed some yummy wedding cake and dancing!

On Thursday, Stream Class had an amazing pirate party day and had lots of fun playing party games.  The children found gems in frozen icebergs, went on a brilliant treasure hunt made by one of our lovely Stream Class mummies, and had a little water fight which resulted in a soggy Mrs Rawling, Miss Austin and Mrs Tack being chased around the field!

On Friday, the children had a great time participating in fun sports activities with Mr Passman and then enjoyed the fantastic Year 4 Leavers’ Presentation.

Thank you very, very much to all of you have supported your children and the school so much this year.  This year’s Stream Class are a really lovely group of kind, enthusiastic and loving children and I will miss them very much!  I hope you all have a really amazing summer and I look forward to seeing the children in River Class in September.  












Celebrating a wonderful year (19th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been reflecting on the past year, enjoying our last week together, and looking forward to the future.

The children have finished their Stream Class to River Class booklets and thought about what they have loved this year.  They can take them to look back on over the summer and read what they have written about their new teacher and their new adventures in River Class.

On Monday and Tuesday, the children finished their preparations for our wedding day by making fantastic bunting, photo booth props, and flowers.  Then on Wednesday we all had a great time celebrating lots of types of ceremonies and taking turns to have different roles.  Of course, we had a reception party afterwards and enjoyed some yummy wedding cake and dancing!

On Thursday, Stream Class had an amazing pirate party day and had lots of fun playing party games.  The children found gems in frozen icebergs, went on a brilliant treasure hunt made by one of our lovely Stream Class mummies, and had a little water fight which resulted in a soggy Mrs Rawling, Miss Austin and Mrs Tack being chased around the field!

On Friday, the children had a great time participating in fun sports activities with Mr Passman and then enjoyed the fantastic Year 4 Leavers’ Presentation.

Thank you very, very much to all of you have supported your children and the school so much this year.  This year’s Stream Class are a really lovely group of kind, enthusiastic and loving children and I will miss them very much!  I hope you all have a really amazing summer and I look forward to seeing the children in River Class in September.  


Sports Day and Maths Fun (12th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have enjoyed lots of exciting events! 

On Monday, Stream Class made us all very proud with their fantastic sportsmanship and courage.  They all tried their best and really went for it in all their races, while cheering each other on.  They all raced fairly and even kept their hands behind their backs for the egg and spoon race.  The same can’t be said for the mum’s and dad’s bean bag races, however!

On Tuesday, the children loved watching the Rock Steady concert performed by their older friends, plus one of our very own Stream Class children!  They also started working on a special book about going up to River Class.  Inside they wrote about their new teacher, Mrs Whitfield, and what they would like to be when they grow up. 

On Wednesday, we had a fun Maths morning and talked about lots of different ways Maths can help us, from shopping to saving lives!  Stream Class used various Maths skills to plan a tea party, including sharing out guests onto tables equally and fairly, and finding the correct money to buy a cake (and eat it!).  Finally, the children used counting, measuring and weighing skills to make chocolate crispy cakes.  In the end, the class decided Maths is a very important subject to try hard at and not something to fear!

On Thursday, Stream Class welcomed the Year 4 children from Ocean Class to come and learn with them for the afternoon as they demonstrated this month’s value of responsibility.  The older children had a go at being children by supporting them during a science investigation to find out about three different environments for minibeasts.  The Year 4s used their questioning skills to ask the Stream children where they thought would be the best microhabitat to encounter different types of minibeasts and supported them to make predictions about how each environment around the school grounds would vary.  Stream Class wowed Ocean Class with their fantastic knowledge and science skills, and some children even found some ladybird pupae and taught the others all about their lifecycles!

At the end of the week, Stream Class had their first full day as River Class children.  They made their first display for September and enjoyed a fun P.E. lesson with their future Year 2 friends.  The children loved having lunch in a different room and had a really fantastic day.   








Thinking about River Class (5th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been thinking more about the children’s transition to River Class.  The children did some brilliant writing work about their weekends whilst sitting at tables and really considering what quality writing looks like.  Stream Class also did some focussed work on handwriting and how to form letters correctly when writing on lined paper.  The children looked carefully at whether a letter stays in the grass, goes up to the sky, or goes down into the ground.  They should have their work in their book bags to show you and help you practice at home.

On Tuesday, Stream Class made a giant jigsaw puzzle by decorating a piece each.  We discussed how we are like one family made up of 15 different, unique pieces.  Then, the children thought about what makes them special and used these ideas to decorate their jigsaw piece to show Mrs Whitfield when she visits.

In Maths, Stream Class did some fantastic number work thinking about numbers which come before or after a number, or what would be one more or ones less than a number.  We used number lines for support if necessary and some children wowed us so much we moved on to numbers up to and over 100!

We have been very lucky with the weather this week and took our learning outside for most of the time.  Please ensure you child has sun cream on before they come to school, a water bottle, and a sun hat.  Lots of Stream Class love water play so if they haven’t already got a spare set of clothing please bring some in for your child in case they get very soggy!  Also, if they haven’t got wellies in school, a spare pair of shoes, wellies or trainers might be handy too.

Stream Class are taking Sports Day very seriously have enjoyed practising on the track.  My favourite moment from this week was seeing the whole class cheer on a child who was coming last in a practice race and then giving them a huge cheer when they (finally!) finished.  I was bursting with pride and it brought tears to my eyes.  They are such a wonderful group of children and they are such fantastic ambassadors for Sutton School. 







Ladybirds (28th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about ladybirds.  We watched the metamorphosis of a ladybird and then went looking around the school to find ladybirds at different phases.  The children did an excellent job at finding larvae and pupae and have a brilliant understanding of the cycle.  As well as hunting for minibeasts, the children have been thinking of different ways to sort and categorise them, such as whether they fly or slither, or by how many legs they have, and then arranging them in a Venn diagram! 

The children are very exciting by our wedding topic and learn more about weddings in other cultures.  On Tuesday, a visitor came to speak to the class about her Muslim wedding.  Mrs Khalique explained to the children about her ceremony, the food, the celebration and the clothes and showed them some of the beautiful outfits she and her family wore.  Then, Mrs Khalique helped Mrs Rawling into a sari and the class were impressed by the golden embroidery on the fabric.  In their Play to Learn time, some of the children made their own lehengas and saris from our fabric box and they looked excellent!

In Maths, Stream Class have been learning about symmetry and made some very effective butterflies with Mrs Hammond.  Later, they decided to make all sorts of symmetrical minibeasts, from bees to spiders, which will be displayed in the church next week. 

It was lovely to welcome parents into school again for our coffee morning and book share on Thursday.  The children really love showing off what they have been doing! 

The children have started to lead their own mindfulness sessions now after playtimes and lunchtimes.  They enjoy listening to each other’s instructions and it’s fantastic to see how much they have taken in over the year.

On Friday, Stream Class had their prize for winning the Values Award.  The children had a writing task to write a sentence about what they’d like to do for it.  The decision was to have a pyjama afternoon and to let the children be in charge (if only for a VERY short time!). 







Hearts (21st June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning how to stay healthy. 

On Monday, the children had a fantastic time enjoying all the sporting activities we had on offer.  In the morning Stream Class participated in the Jump Rope Skip-A-Thon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

Later, the class listened beautifully to some speakers who came in to speak to the children about their achievements and experiences in sport.  Neil Farnsworth wowed the class with his stories of travelling the world competing in cricket and lots of other sports too.  Tracey Duncan brought in the medals she achieved at the Commonwealth Games, taught the children about athletics and joined them for some races on the field.  Natasha Sexton brought in her special bike and told the children about her achievements in cycling and the opportunities cycling has given her around the world.  Then Louise Esposito impressed the children with her bravery and showed them all the equipment she needs to compete in roller derby with her victorious team.  In the afternoon, the children took part in a circuit of athletics activities and also practised passing the baton in a relay, just like Tracey Duncan!

The children have been talking about how to stay healthy and what they can do to improve their fitness.  We looked at a model of a torso and Stream Class loved taking the organs out and putting it back together again.

In Phonics, Stream Class have been playing a minibeast hunt game.  They had to read the clues to find out the name of the minibeast they were looking for, and then carefully read the description to find out where it was hiding!  In Writing, the children wrote about sport.  Some children wrote sentences about the sports they enjoy outside of school and some wrote about new sports they would like to try.

In Maths, we have been looking at ordinal numbers.  The children have been preparing for Sports Day by practising their starting positions, which Tracey Duncan showed them for sprinting and also mastering the art of the egg and spoon.  Stream Class took turns to be judges and hand out rosettes saying 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place .

In Music, Stream Class have loved watching orchestral versions of Disney soundtracks.  They liked copying the conductor and identifying the various instruments used to perform different parts.

During Forest Friday, the children helped to plant the vegetables that they planted a while ago from seeds.  Earlier in the week they all tasted the mixed lettuces and radishes they grew.  We have never seen a group of children so keen to eat plain lettuce leaves! 









Metamorphosis (14th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about lifecycles.  The children showed a real interest in the change that happens with caterpillars.  We watched more videos about metamorphosis and played out the change with big actions. We decided to use this as inspiration for our ‘River Class writing’ and everyone had a go at writing a sentence or two.  Some children even found some caterpillars outside, including a very hairy spotty one!

Later in the week we read a story called The Cautious Caterpillar, about Cody who was feeling a bit anxious about change.  She didn’t really want to get bigger, eat nectar and grow wings but then loved her new abilities and playing with her new friends who could fly too.  Stream Class talked about how Cody felt at first, and shared their feelings about going up to River Class after the summer.  They are all looking forward to becoming River Class butterflies.

In Phonics, Stream Class have been playing lots of games to revise their tricky words and sounds.  One of their favourites is a game where they listen to a sound and write down the correct grapheme from a choice of two.  This is another game you could play at home.

The children have also been using their phonics skills to play a matching game at choosing time.  They were given sentences to describe characteristics of different minibeasts and they had to read them to match the description up to the correct picture.  They did a fantastic job!

In Maths, we have been looking at adding one more and subtracting one less using number lines and hundred squares.  The children also did some doubling work, looking at ladybirds and doubling the number of spots on each side of their shell.  They could work out their answers using counters or through drawing pictures, and then they recorded their answers underneath.   

In Science, Stream Class have been using their new knowledge about minibeasts to apply their sorting and categorising skills.  The children chose their own criteria, for example, ones without legs or creatures which fly.

Stream Class have really enjoyed welcoming their mini friends on Thursdays.  This week we went on a pirate adventure and it was lovely to see the children playing so nicely with the younger visitors.

In P.E., Stream Class are learning lots of athletics skills.  They are very much looking forward to our Sports Themes Day on Monday so they can show off everything they have learnt so far!







Minibeasts (7th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about minibeasts.  The children did a quiz to guess different minibeasts from tricky clues and found out extra information from non-fiction books.  They watched a video of the life cycle of a caterpillar and then decided to draw and write about what they found out.  Outside, Stream Class used magnifying glasses to go on minibeast hunts and then reported back on what they found.

On Monday, Stream Class had another go at pretending to be River Class.  They sat at tables and wrote all about their super half term breaks and drew lovely pictures to go with them.  The children seem so grown up now!

In R.E., we are learning about weddings.  The children have really enjoyed designing special outfits for brides and grooms and making their own paper dolls to dress up.  Throughout this half term we will be busy wedding planning to have our own mini wedding in the class!

This week in Phonics, we have been revising some of the sounds the children have found difficult to remember.  They played a phoneme spotter game, where they had to keep their eyes peeled for particular digraphs or trigraphs within a text and underline them, and loved playing the swatter game this week too.  Stream Class love this game, and you can play it with flashcards for sounds, words, or numbers at home too.  We put some sounds out in a circle and two children had to race each other to swat a flashcard with a fly swatter as it was called out.  Great fun!

In Maths, we have been revising shapes and patterns.  Stream Class created some interesting repeating patterns and pictures using shapes.  Then we learnt about Henri Matisse, a French artist, who used paper collages and decoupage when he became ill and was no longer able to paint.  We looked at his piece, L'escargot, and some children tried making their own minibeasts using different shapes.

On Thursday, the children welcomed next year’s new starters into the classroom.  They were very excited all week about them coming and have been really looking forward to it!  Stream Class were incredibly mature and showed their best Sutton Lower School values on the day.  They were kind and patient towards their mini buddy for the afternoon, and demonstrated how responsible they can be.  We are all very proud of them! 





The Gruffalo (24th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a real favourite for many people – The Gruffalo!  One morning, we all pretended to be in River Class and did some super 'River Class' work.  Mrs Rawling and Miss Austin pretended to be Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Helen, and the children sat at tables and produced some fantastic descriptive writing (in full sentences, with capital letters and full stops!) all about a character from the book.  It was so much fun that some children carried on with their work for the rest of the day.   

There are a lot of children in Stream Class this year who love water play.  They enjoy finding new ways to transport it across the outside classroom and different bits and bobs outside to mix into it.  Please bring in a spare set of clothes for your child to change into in case they get a bit soggy while they play. 

In good weather, please bring your child to school with a good quality sun cream already applied.  They can bring a NAMED sun cream into school with them to reapply by themselves at lunchtime, but some good ones last all day.   

This week in Phonics, we have been looking at all the split vowel digraphs, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e .  The children have really enjoyed learning these spellings and we will be applying them to our writing next half term.

In Maths, we have been looking at time.  Throughout the day we often stop to look at the time on the clock in the classroom.  We talk about how many minutes on the clock we'll have left until the next part of the day on our visual timetable, or use the clock to time how long it takes us to tidy up.  Stream Class have a good understanding of sequencing and times throughout the day, and are beginning to tell the time using an analogue clock.

On Wednesday, Stream Class proudly showed off their performing skills at our Musical Extravaganza.  As we're sure you'll agree, the children were brilliant and made us all extremely proud.  Not only was their performance sparkly and joyful, with the children remembering every word and action, their behaviour was exceptional.    

At Sutton Lower School, we are very fortunate to have specialist teachers for the children, including sports specialists and a native French teacher.  Karen Beer, our choir leader, is a professional musical director who teaches singing as well as several instruments, and conducts various choirs in the area.  We are very grateful to Mrs Beer for her work, the children have loved it!







Funnybones (17th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a book called Funnybones.  We have also been watching some of the classic videos from the 90s!  The children enjoyed looking at x-rays and working out which parts of the body they belonged to.  Stream Class made their own skeleton pictures, including skeletons of animals and dinosaurs, and completed some tricky puzzles about the body. 

On Monday, we welcomed author and illustrator, Elizabeth Price, to Stream Class to present her new book, The Meadow Farm Band.  The children enjoyed singing along to her guitar and joining in with some activities to do with the book afterwards.

On Tuesday, the children were treated to a very special cooking session from Chef Mike Wyatt.  Chef Mike is our area manager from Innovate, who provide our fantastic school meals.  He has a Michelin star and even served food to the royal family!  Stream Class had the opportunity to choose their ingredients independently and prepare their evening meal.  

On Thursday, we welcomed another visitor to Stream Class from a charity called Mind Map.  They brought their friend, Casey the Caterpillar, along too and told us that Casey was going to stay with us in the classroom to help us learn about communicating our feelings and how to manage them.  Mind Map’s work includes supporting schools with young people’s mental health and wellbeing and we are delighted to be able to include this strategy in our work towards mindfulness and wellbeing at school.

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some more new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘oe’ (‘oh’ sound), ‘au’ (or/aw sound), and lots of alternative spellings for ‘ee’ and ‘ai’, including split digraphs.   A split digraph is a digraph that is split by a consonant (you might remember it as magic e).  It is usually a long vowel sound, e.g. ‘a-e’ (cake), ‘i-e’ (five), ‘o-e’ (code), 'e-e' (sphere) and ‘u-e’ (rule).   

In Maths, we are practising our mental maths skills and repeating pattern games too.  Can you and your child make up patterns for each other to copy and continue?  Stream Class are developing great skills for fluency, reasoning and problem solving with number, shape and measures, and enjoy using them in their play. 





Commotion in the Ocean (10th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a book called Commotion in the Ocean.  We have been investigating lots of different types of sea creatures and learning some interesting facts about them.  The children made another collaborative big book which they designed on their own, which includes facts and pictures about animals that live under the sea, and they made some fantastic artwork about puffer fish with Mrs Hammond.  Outside, Stream Class made an under the sea play area by painting cling film with foam soap and cutting out seaweed and creatures to go inside.

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some more new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘wh’ (w and h sound), ‘ph’ (f sound), and ‘ew’ (oo/you sound).  The children have made fantastic progress with their reading and writing.  This new stage of phonics can be a little confusing, so lots of practise at home to reinforce their previous knowledge will really support them.

In Maths, we have been practising our mental maths skills.  The children have been playing a game where they shout out a number which is 1 more than/add 1, or 1 less than/take away 1 than a given number.  We have also been working on doubling and halving with our fingers, up to double 5/half of 10.

Our new value for this month is Quality.  Stream Class have taken this concept very seriously and understand the difference between rushed work and quality work.  The children are taking more care and spending more time on their work, and thinking more carefully about details.  Our stickers on the values chart are gathering nicely!